How Person-Centered Counseling Can Help PWDs Cope

How Person-Centered Counseling Can Help PWDs Cope

People with disabilities suffer from a lot of issues that can hamper their functioning in society. The most pressing of these concerns is self-esteem.

PWDs, whether they live in a residential home or are aging in place, may be plagued by self-esteem issues. These issues may be caused by the loss of the ability to become independent or to engage in endeavors they used to pursue. If left unaddressed, however, these problems with self-esteem can lead to destructive behavior and feelings of anxiety and depression.

Healthcare in Chesapeake, Virginia is not just about physical health, that’s why nursing homes can have a person-centered therapist nearby to help their residents who are dealing with self-esteem issues.

Person-centered therapy is unique because it allows the client to take control over his or her own circumstances. The therapist is simply there to facilitate healing and recovery through guidance.

The therapy focuses mainly on allowing the patient to explore his own situation and understand their problems. Through this patient-centric approach, the therapy banks on the person’s better understanding of his own circumstances and psyche to develop a plan for coping and recovery.

Through this approach, PWDs who experience self-esteem issues can determine their own strengths and, in turn, enhance their appreciation of themselves.

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