Healthy Holiday Eating Tips for Seniors


Overindulgence is common during the holiday season and often, many people go into the new year, vowing to lose all those weight gains. But this shouldn’t be the case. It is possible to eat healthily during the festivities without disrupting seniors’ eating habits.

Read these tips from Peaced-Rapha Healthcare Corporation, a trusted provider of healthcare in Chesapeake, Virginia, on how to be proactive when it comes to eating this holiday season.

  • Eat your veggies first
    Before anything else, stuff your tummy with veggies before munching on that glazed ham, turkey, and pies! This ensures that you get yourself enough healthy food in your body before you become too full.
  • Eat only what you love
    It is easy to say yes to every food on the table just because they are available. But if you choose your food and eat only those that you really love, you prevent overindulgence. If you live in a residential home, you can always ask the caregiving staff not to overprepare the food during the festivities.
  • Enjoy the desserts in moderation
    There will be a ton of food to eat especially sweet pastries, cakes, pies, and other desserts. You don’t have to choose only one, you can eat more if you only have a small sampling of each.
  • Engage in winter activities
    Just because it is winter doesn’t mean that you must stay at home. You can keep yourself active by helping in laborious “chores” at home with the supervision of skilled care nursing in Virginia to keep you safe.

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