Why Older Adults Need Community Integration

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The elderly face a higher risk of loneliness, mostly resulting from unemployment, disabilities, or the loss of a loved one (spouse, family member, friend, etc.). Once left unchecked, social isolation among older adults can lead to depression, an advancement of diseases, and even death. This is why they need an easily accessible strong social circle.

At PEACED-RAPHA HEALTHCARE CORPORATION, a compassionate residential home, we have built our facility to promote social and community engagement among senior residents. Community integration, in particular, offers tremendous mental, emotional, and psychological benefits for the elderly:

  • Increased Mental and Physical Health
    Socially active seniors will have round-the-clock companionship to boost their mood, listen to their stories, and have a good time. Furthermore, being in a social group encourages simple physical activities like walking, dancing, stretching, and more.
  • Taking Advantage of Senior Privileges
    In most cases, some of us may have never heard of specific discounts and other resources without someone sharing them with us. This is also true for older adults. Having friends helps the elderly discover financial assistance, promos, and other programs offered to seniors.
  • Improved Quality of Life
    By taking part in community functions, older adults remain publicly engaged and slow down cognitive decline. As a result, they can enjoy a higher quality of life than socially withdrawn seniors.

Given all these advantages, our care home maintains well-equipped amenities to keep our residents integrated into the community ? all while getting the needed non-medical and skilled nursing in Virginia.

Allow us to provide your senior with quality healthcare in Chesapeake, Virginia! Leave us a message at any time for more details.

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